Drafting Services

What Services Do We Offer?

Our Ottawa law firm offers legal drafting services for a wide range of legal documents, including: Wills, Codicils, Powers of Attorney for Property, Powers of Attorney for Personal Care, Advanced Directives, Affidavits of Execution, Trust Instruments, and other testamentary documents.

How Much Will This Cost?

Cost is certainly an important factor, which is why we set out to give you a cost breakdown during our initial consultation. While our rates may vary for individuals whose situation is particularly complex, our standard package costs $699 plus HST for an individual Will, and $999 plus HST for a couple with reciprocal Wills. As every client is unique, costs may vary. The best way to get an idea about how much it will cost to create a Will is to contact a lawyer.

What Will I Be Paying For?

Ultimately, you decide what goes into your Will; however, our Ottawa Wills & Estates lawyers will use their years of experience and expertise to help guide you through the process. There are often many problems or solutions that only an experienced Wills & Estates lawyer would think of.

In addition to having our Ottawa Wills & Estates lawyers draft your testamentary documents, all of our packages include free storage in our off-site fireproof/waterproof storage facility.

We also keep electronic versions of all documents we draft for easy amendments as your circumstances change.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer To Create A Will?

While it is certainly possible to create a Will on your own, there are many benefits to enlisting the help of an experienced Wills & Estates lawyer when preparing such an important document.

In addition to ensuring that the many formal requirements of will-drafting are complied with, an experienced Wills & Estates lawyer will help to guide their clients who know what they want, but may not know how to express their wishes.

An experienced Wills & Estates lawyer will also raise potential problems and propose solutions. Without the help of a skilled Wills & Estates lawyer, your gifts may lapse, your Will may be voidable, or your may run into a number of other problems. For peace of mind, it is advisable to seek guidance from an experienced Wills & Estates lawyer.

Personalized Approach

Our Ottawa law firm takes a personalized approach to drafting your Wills and other testamentary documents. Each person is unique and has different plans for the future of their estate, which is why we draft each document with the intention of our clients in mind. Please contact our Ottawa law firm to discuss with our Wills & Estates lawyers the retainer structure that will best address your particular needs.

Interested in Creating a Will?

Please fill out our Will Intake Form. This form asks for basic information that will be useful when preparing your testamentary documents.

If you would like to learn more about Wills & Estates, please visit Wills Ottawa, a new resource developed by our Ottawa Wills & Estates lawyers to help answer common questions regarding everything Wills & Estates.

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